An Intimate Dining Experience
Ami Restaurant and Champagne Bar creates an intimate and romantic dining experience making it one the most impressive restaurants in Johannesburg. Tiaan Els, the owner, wanted to create an exciting dining experience for friends, by friends – drizzled with good taste, mixed with artistic antiquities and contemporary styling. The juxtaposition of black and white trimmed with gold achieves a stylish, romantic and serene dining experience. The menu is an eclectic yet wholesome creation topped with sublime ambience and superb service. This contemporary French style restaurant has dishes with recette de cuisine that combine Seafood, French cuisine and Asian cuisine in a fusion of tastes. Using only seasonal and fresh produce to constantly reinvent cuisine, our commitment to excellence is obvious. Because everything that comes out of our kitchen is cooked to perfection, we do not use or own a microwave. Dean Liversage, the chef, collected his inspiration for cuisine from his years abroad. His aim is to create a dining experience the suits individual tastes and appetites. Borrowing flavours, spices and fresh ingredients from different cuisines and cultures, Dean creates artful presentations that are appealing to both the palate and the eye. From vegans to carnivores, this French-Asian Fusion Restaurant is alive with passion, talent and commitment to excellence.

“We can have in life but one great experience at best and the secret of life is to reproduce that experience as often as possible” – Oscar Wilde

Champagne Bar
Ami Restaurant and Champagne Bar offers a comprehensive Wine and Champagne List in one of the finest settings in Johannesburg. Our restaurant’s Champagne collection includes fine MMCs, rare and unique champagnes, and sparkling wines. Naughty has become very nice indeed and by night Ami is Johannesburg’s preferred choice for tasting the world’s finest champagne and wines. This outstanding collection is complimented by the exquisite bar design and spectacular location. Join us for one of our infamous Champagne evenings where we pair the premium food with the finest champagnes. We always invite special guests from the Champagne House to dance you through details of the selected Champagnes and the perfectly complimented dinner. The seamless fusion of traditional and modern with a passion for uncompromising service make the Ami Champagne Bar an experience that is indulgent and truly unforgettable. To make life even better we have fabulous Champagne Thursdays – Every Thursday.

Tequila Bar
Ami’s Tequila Bar has a selection of 48 different tequilas, currently one of the largest tequila collections of any restaurant in Johannesburg. Whether your taste is for Blanco, resposado, Añejo or extra Añejo, Ami has Tequila flavours as diverse as the many regions of Mexico. We are also renowned for our ‘invigorating’ home made chilli tequila. Ami Restaurant and Champagne bar has boldly established Tequila Tuesdays, a special day of the week where tequila is on the house for the whole evening. Intricate details and excellent service combine to create an inviting and sophisticated ambiance where friends can share the nectar of the gods. In addition, we also host tequila tasting nights. Come visit us and see how far you can make it through the tequila collection.

French Fusion Boutique
Ami Restaurant and Champagne Bar is an exciting Asian Fusion, with French influence, Boutique restaurant. Like the food, the attention to detail creates a trendy, elegant atmosphere. We serve light meals, tasty lunches and an a la carte restaurant menu infused with decadence or a health conscious flavour.

Hospitality and Service
If you are looking for the best, most romantic restaurant and champagne bar Johannesburg has to offer, Ami welcomes you as a friend with open arms. Whether you want to dine indoor or outdoor, Ami Restaurant and Champagne Bar is the ideal destination to experience true white tablecloth hospitality and silver service. Experience a glamorous dining experience with comfort and a laid-back vibe in the heart of Craighall Park. We create five star romantic dining adventures with friendly service and a personal touch. Because hospitality and service is as important as the food and the ambiance, all out service professionals are chosen for who they are as much as what they can do. The legendary Ami team strives to consistently deliver the best service and an outstanding dining experience. Each individual is part of the family of friends that are courteous, caring, trustworthy and service orientated. At the end of the evening you will feel on top of the world, with a satisfied palate and a smile on your face, Ami will deliver the ultimate in opulence and elegant bar events and restaurant events fit for any affair. Ami has placed a golden stamp upon fine catering services for corporate event hosting, business events, wedding receptions, birthday parties and romantic anniversaries – you need not look any further. Our spectacular hospitality is complimented with well-trained and knowledgeable service professionals, a gentlemanly top hat doorman, and is topped with a luxury chauffeured service in as stunning Jaguar 61 Mark 10. From the front door to last round Ami is a well-groomed, elegant and unique dining experience at one of the best restaurants in Johannesburg. We also have a mouth-watering take-away menu and free delivery in the area. Old-school service and five star hospitality has been reborn at Ami Restaurant & Champagne Bar.

Restaurant Events

Ami can cater for any event. The large 350 sq/ft open plan floor lets us cater for a variety of restaurant events. From phenomenal wedding receptions to astounding corporate events and striking business meetings, Ami will transform into whatever your heart desires.

tequila-tuesdays champagne-thursday

Tequila Tuesdays

Free tequila all night long!!!

Put on your party shoes and bring your friends for a night to remember at Ami Restaurant!

Join us for Tequila Tuesdays, every Tuesday, exclusive to Ami!

Contact us for more information
or to make a reservation.

Champagne Thursdays

Come our dear and darling friends,

If you needed a reason to celebrate we have come up with the perfect solution. The only reason you will ever need is Ami’s champagne Thursday.

Life, food and love for celebration is alive and well here at Ami.

We are proud to introduce our Regal and Chic Champagne Thursdays! Bottomless bubbly every Thursday!

R165 p/p bottomless sparkling wine

R250 p/p bottomless MCC

R385 p/p bottomless Champagne

Ami Restaurant Gallery

Ami Restaurant Gallery
Ami Restaurant and Champagne Bar is a glamorous French Fusion Boutique restaurant that expresses attention to detail, intimately. The style of the restaurant is contemporary with French touches, dishes with recette de cuisine on the restaurant menu that combines SA cuisine, French cuisine and Traditional cuisine. The restaurant menu includes breakfast, lunch and a la carte with dessert menus. Designed in glamorous black, white and gold, the guest can have a stylish yet laid back dining experience.

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Ami Restaurant, Craighall Park
We are located on the corner of Lancaster and Clarance Avenue, Craighall Park, Johannesburg. Ami Restaurant and Champagne Bar is conveniently located within 5 minutes’ drive from some of Johannesburg’s hotspots such as Rosebank, Greenside, Parkhurst and Sandton. Contact us for more information.

From Pretoria, take N1 – M1 South. Take the Corlette Drive off-ramp, turn right. Follow Corlette Drive until the T-junction with Oxford Road. Turn left into Oxford Road and then turn right at first traffic light into Bompas. Follow Bompas to the T-junction. @ T-junction turn right into Rutland Avenue over stop street and circle left (Clarance Ave). Ami will be on the left hand side.

Map to Ami Restaurant

Chaffeur Service
Ami-Restaurant also offers a chauffeur service to clients living within a 5-kilometre radius, with a 1960 Jaguar Mac 10. Ami Restaurant and Champagne Bar has a door attendant that will accompany clients within walking distance. Call us now to arrange your chauffeur.

Honest customer reviews on Revitol Acnezine

The most efficient way to decide whether buying a product or not is to read the reviews written about it. People who used the product feel the need to share their experience with others in order to help them choose the best solution for their issues. When it comes about acne, the products are even more various so testimonials will narrow your search. Revitol Acnezine is the best treatment for acne and this is confirmed by many honest customer reviews.

What are honest customer reviews emphasizing?

Customer reviews on Revitol AcnezineAccording to some studies published on WebMd reviews published by those who use the product are reliable and should be considered. Although there are clinical tests which prove the efficiency of Revitol, the clients’ testimonials confirm if the product really works. Customers who ordered the product from Revitol store used the dietary pills together with the topic cream for a longer period lasting from 3 to 6 months until they obtained a clear skin. As specialists recommend, any treatment for acne should be used for a few months in order to bring permanent results and Revitol is no exception.

All the clients who used Acnezine cream were impressed to see their acne cured without having a dried face. A common effect of anti pustules remedies consist of excessive dryness of derma. Unlike those, Revitol cream manages to eliminate pimples without dehydrating your face or causing post scars. And this is very important because those scars could be more frustrating than pimples. The testimonials show the moisturizing effect of this cream that clears your face if you used constantly. Honest reviews write also about dietary pills which use essential nutrients and antioxidants to create the lost balance.

Treat your acne with Revitol Acnezine

The explanation behind those incredible effects revealed by consumers’ testimonials is represented by a perfect combination between natural ingredients and an innovating technology. This is why most of the clients claimed to feel their skin calm and moisturized. Allantoin and DMDM Hydantoin are two of the natural ingredients that maintain the elasticity of your skin while Benzoyl Peroxide works on healing the acne. Most of the clients confirmed that this formula lessened their pustules in about three months from the first use.

Get Acnezine directly from Revitol store to cure your acne just as thousands of clients did. Their honest stories highlight the remarkable effects of both pills and topic cream so; make the best decision for your skin. The dietary pills will help your overall immunity improving its ability to fight against acne. This is why the results are permanent allowing you to enjoy life without worrying about pimples reappearance. As clients stated, Acnezine improved their face appearance which ultimately led to a positive change in their life.

When the acne treatment offer is so diverse, honest customer reviews recommend you Revitol Acnezine. Fantastic results were obtained during the clinical trials and later by all the clients who tried the pills and topic cream as indicated. This treatment will help you clear your face from acne to feel beautiful and confident.

Bad habits you should break to prevent hives

Though hives appear frequently, just a few people are aware that their lifestyle impact on their disease recurrence. When you deal with allergies, try to think about your daily routine to figure out if you are doing something wrong.  Some of your actions might turn out to be bad habits that determine your outbreaks. Identify and break these bad habits to prevent urticaria. At the same time use OxyHives homeopathic spray to make sure that hives will never reappear.

What are the bad habits you should break?

Habits you should break if you are dealing with hivesIt is true that, in the majority of cases, the real cause of hives remains unknown. What you can do is to give up doing what has been scientifically demonstrated to determine the red bumps. According to WebMD, you should give up to all those habits that dry your skin. For instance, you should stop using soaps with excessive dry effect and too hot showers that last more than a few minutes.  Ideally, you should moisture your skin right after the shower. If you know that you are likely to develop, hives avoid ibuprofen as this triggers urticaria through the pseudo allergens it contains.

The list of bad habits continues with drinking too much alcohol. You should avoid it as much as possible to prevent itch and burnings associated with urticaria. Although it is fashionable to wear tight clothes, it is recommended to avoid them if you look to prevent urticaria. Break these bad habits and complete your treatment with oxyhives.org.uk. It is the most effective remedy that contains 100% organic ingredients that alleviate the itch and red swollen bumps instantly for you to feel comfortable no matter what you wear. You will no longer suffer from redness in just a few weeks from the first use.

Prevent hives with OxyHives

As already mentioned, OxyHives works very well on eliminating the urticaria that affects you. This amazing sublingual spray manages to prevent all forms of skin allergies by treating their unknown cause. Apply the treatment under your tongue 3 times a day for several weeks, and your immune system will change its response to allergic factors. It will react only when a real cause, like a cold virus, threatens your body. Use the spray as indicated to get all its benefits that reside in alleviating the outbreak you face and in preventing their recidivating.

Due to its organic formula, the sublingual spray has no side effects. Rhus Tox is one of the compounds carefully extracted from controlled areas. This is the main ingredient that gets your immune system used to fake allergens so that it would not release harmful substances anymore. Nettle and Ichthyolum are two compounds with a powerful effect on relieving rash and swellings. Customer reviews confirm the safety of this homeopathic remedy which can be bought only directly from the supplier who also provides substantial discounts.

Break the bad habits that are causing your outbreaks and prevent them efficiently with OxyHives.org.uk. This is the treatment that brings permanent results and increases the quality of your life. Your social experiences will improve as you will be able to go out pursuing your hobbies with your friends and family.

Venapro ingredients

Our present-day lifestyle is very different to the one people had over a century ago, and it all boils down to the evolution of modern medicine. We have developed treatments for most of the bacteria and illnesses that used to be crippling or even fatal just a few decades ago. Even though our bodies are immune to most viruses and our life expectancy has reached record numbers, there are still a few diseases that are hard to heal and which make our lives a living nightmare if they are left untreated. One of these infections is the presence of hemorrhoids, probably the most disturbing illness that makes an adult feel interminable shame, discomfort and agony.

Hemorrhoids appear when the blood vessels of the rectum swell and become irritated. There are many causes for this problem. Some of them relate to our eating habits that give way to obesity, constipation and irregular bowel disorders. Others can be found in our sedentary life which has us seating for prolonged periods of times. Hemorrhoids may cause severe pain and even bleeding not only during stools, but throughout the day. If left untreated, they can lead to unnatural weight loss, sleep deprivation and as far as the complete destruction of your rectum muscles, which precedes the irreversible condition of a prolapsed anus. Thankfully, there have been developed effective homeopathic treatments, like Venapro, which eliminates hemorrhoids quickly and permanently.

Venapro – the true pain reliever

When you are suffering from hemorrhoids you are willing to do anything to get ri
d of them. The pain and discomfort that you experience are so big that your whole lust for life is squeezed out of you. It is then that you are most likely to waste a lot of time and money with unnecessary doctor appointments and expensive medicine. The answer, however, is much simpler than you would expect. With Venapro you can escape the living hell that is produced by your hemorrhoids and relieve yourself from pain forever. This natural, highly-effective treatment comes in two forms: spray and supplement capsules, which complement each other to help you eliminate the bothersome symptoms of hemorrhoids without the need to leave your home or spend money unnecessarily.

A unique combination of natural ingredients

Venapro contains a select number of ingredients that have been extracted only from natural sources. venapro-1Each and every one of them has been tested and proven to relieve pain for a hemorrhoid sufferer while healing the rectal wounds at the same time.

The capsules include enzymes derived from Oat Straw, Cayenne, Red Sage and Plantain among others. In combination with Vitamin E, Zinc and gelatin, they become a powerful remedy that will take the pain away from the first day of treatment. The Venapro spray is used directly on the open wound and its antibacterial properties diminish the swollen veins and stop the bleeding. Its components include Witch Hazel, Arnica extract, Stone Root, alcohol and purified water.

Venapro is the ultimate homeopathic treatment for hemorrhoids. Its anti-inflammatory properties will heal this condition in a natural, 100% safe and effective way. By using the combination of spray and capsules you will get rid of the irritating itch, the insufferable pain and discomfort in just a few weeks of treatment.

Tired of Yoyo diets? Try Forskolin Fuel, your natural solution for weight loss

Many people who struggle with their weight are willing to make a lot of sacrifices and try numerous extreme diets, workouts and fasts to shed some of the extra kilos. Weight loss is far from being easy and it requires a lot of effort in order to be safe and healthy.
forskolinBut healthy weight loss is more than possible with Forskolin Fuel. This herbal supplement increases the metabolism of fat, helps burning calories, raises the energy levels and encourages the body’s metabolic level.
Containing a wide array of natural, pure and safe ingredients, Forskolin promotes a healthy weight management, regulates the hormone levels, increases lean muscle mass and accelerates the metabolic rate so the consumers will lose weight safely and healthy.
The potent formula of Forskolin Fuel consists of 100% pure standardized 20% Coleus Forskohlii Extract. This remarkable herb has long been used in traditional Asian medicine. It was utilized to treat asthma, but people noticed it supports weight loss and muscle building, reason why today many manufacturers include this powerful herb in their weight loss products.
During a clinical study of 12 weeks, 30 obese and overweight men were tested. 15 of them had to take 250 milligrams of a 10% Forskolin Extract two times per day, while 15 of them took the placebo pills. The results were amazing: the consumers of Forskolin Extract had a significant increase in lean mass, bone mass and testosterone levels.
Besides the fact that Forskolin Fuel accelerates the metabolism and promotes the weight loss process, it also improves the overall health of the consumers. This safe and natural product also normalizes blood pressure, boosts the energy levels, alleviates allergies and skin conditions and treats numerous respiratory disorders.
Numerous men and women attempt to lose weight by following drastic diets and ending up with even more kilos on their tummy, hips and buttocks. But Forskolin Fuel works by boosting the metabolism, suppressing the appetite, reducing the body fat and enhancing the muscle mass, so the consumers will be slimmer, toner and sexier as well.
Forskolin Fuel does not contain preservatives, stimulants or other artificial fillers. This amazing product helps controlling the appetite in order to improve the eating practices and to follow a healthy lifestyle. By encouraging the metabolic rate, the consumers of Forskolin Fuel will have enough energy to perform the workouts required to promote the weight loss process.
We all know that only by following a healthy diet and having a daily routine of exercises, healthy weight loss will occur. Forskolin Fuel will simplify and encourage the weight loss process.
Unlike other products and diets, Forskolin Fuel will not trigger the Yoyo effect that leads to accumulation of more kilos once the treatment is stopped. Even more, the supplier offers a 90 day money back guarantee so the customers can get a refund if they are unhappy with the results achieved.
If you want to support your metabolism and start losing weight more easily, Forskolin Fuel is for you. Forskolin Fuel will help you burn the stored fat and achieve the weight desired in a healthy way.

Drink coffee and lose weight in Johannesburg

If you travel to Johannesburg for business or for pleasure, you really have to visit the tourist attractions. Apartheid Museum, Hector Pieterson Museum, Mandela Museum, Gold Reef City and the Lion Park nature reserve are only some of the attractions that Johannesburg has to offer, but you can also visit Mai Mai Market and see the local healers or Rosebank Flea Market to get souvenirs and to admire African Art.
You certainly must visit the restaurants and bars to try the local food, where you can also enjoy a coffee and delight your taste buds with its powerful flavor.
green coffee beanDid you know that coffee contains plenty of antioxidants and nutrients that improve the health? According to health harvard, coffee provides cardiovascular protection, it reduces the risk of developing diabetes and cancer and it increases the energy levels.
But the health benefits of coffee do not stop here. Caffeine enhances vigilance, mood, general cognitive function and reaction times, it improves the physical performance by stimulating the nervous system and it encourages the fat cells to break down body fat, promoting this way the weight loss process.
In addition, coffee drinkers have a much reduced risk of developing cirrhosis. Coffee protects the liver, it fights against depression and, despite of numerous people think, coffee does not cause heart disease. By drinking coffee on a regular basis, the consumers will not be affected by increased blood pressure, while they will also be protected against a possible stroke.
Find a nice and cozy bar to drink your coffee in Johannesburg. You will get enough energy to visit this amazing city, while you will also improve your health. One interesting fact about coffee beans is that it may be consumed roasted, in a drink, but it can also be consumed unroasted, as green coffee beans. Numerous products and dietary supplements contain green coffee beans extract because it also provides a lot of health benefits.
Green Coffee Bean Max supplement has been produced to assist weight loss process in women and men who want to shed some pounds without producing major changes in their life, such as drastic diets and tough workout routines every day. Increasing the fat oxidation and enhancing the metabolic rate, Green Coffee Bean Max promotes the weight loss process and it also improves the general health of the consumers.
Because green coffee beans contain a considerable amount of Chlorogenic Acid, this substance is the primary factor that stimulates weight loss and it has even more benefits: it prevents heart disease, it protects against diabetes and it encourages retinal health.
However, Green Coffee Bean recommends using this product together with a healthy diet and an exercise program in order to maximize the weight loss. A healthy lifestyle is the key to a successful weight loss and a normal and healthy body weight.
Next time when you will get to drink a coffee in Johannesburg keep in mind that you will not enjoy only its flavor, but you will also take advantage in its health benefits.

Find out what thyroid imbalance is

Thyroid health is essential for the overall health. Being a small gland located in the lower area of neck, thyroid has two side lobes and we usually do not feel it, when it has a normal size. Thyroid gland secretes thyroid hormones, and thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) represent the main hormones released by thyroid gland which control and regulate metabolism.

These two hormones support us to transform food into energy, they assist us regulate our body temperature and the levels of calcium in blood and they also help us develop and grow.

thyromineBecause an underactive or overactive thyroid gland may have serious impact on our general health, we have to maintain the health of our thyroid gland and control the production of T3 and T4. Thyromine is a natural product especially designed to promote the thyroid health and help the consumers improve their metabolism.

Some studies indicate that almost 30 million Americans are affected by thyroid issues, which cause them numerous other health problems. Having a thyroid imbalance, this means that their thyroid is overactive (secreting too much amounts of thyroid hormones – hyperthyroidism) or underactive (secreting too little amounts of thyroid hormones – hypothyroidism).

Having an autoimmune disease or being related to somebody affected by such a disease makes you predisposed to develop a thyroid imbalance. But menopause, radiation exposure and recently having a baby are circumstances when you are likely to have a thyroid problem.

The most common thyroid condition is hypothyroidism and it leads to a wide range of health issues: unexplained weight gain, sluggish metabolism, fatigue, constipation, dry skin, heavy menstrual problems, puffy face, mood swings, brittle nails and hair, increased blood cholesterol levels, muscle weakness and pain and even increased sensitivity to cold. Untreated hypothyroidism may lead to joint pain, obesity, goiter, infertility and even heart conditions.

Hyperthyroidism often manifests as anxiety, nervousness, irritability, weight loss, racing heart, fine and brittle hair, difficulty sleeping, hand tremors and even muscle weakness. Often causes of hyperthyroidism are overactive lumps in the thyroid gland, also known as thyroiditis (an inflammation that leads to increased levels of thyroid hormones in the blood) and Grave’s disease, which is an autoimmune disorder in which the body generates antibodies that cause thyroid to produce too much amounts of T4.

Regardless of what kind of thyroid imbalance affects you, you should consult a specialist in order to diagnose it properly. There are numerous treatments available on market and you may even opt for natural solutions that promote your thyroid health.

Thyromine regulates the production of thyroid hormones – as is written by thyrominesupplement.com/ – supporting weight loss and a healthy metabolism and fighting against mood swings. Also increasing the energy levels and offering a natural relief to other symptoms of thyroid imbalances, Thyromine encourages a healthy thyroid gland and promotes the overall health, as well.

Support your metabolism and start losing weight in a healthy way! Get Thyromine and start feeling better!

Clean nails, clean appearance

I don’t know what type of person you are but, I am that type of person that takes very big care of himself. I am paying attention to almost all the details in my life… I mean almost ALL the details. This means that I always eat healthy, I am always clean I take care even for the way I walk. I may be strange but I like to leave good impressions to other people… you know… people judge you often by the way you look and I would not like that some random guy says that I am dirty, or poor or something bad. I like people to think that I am a good and refined person. I would like them to think that I am smart and sociable and many other good things.
zetaclearThis is why I take so much care about my appearance. The beautifulness is a thing that is very abstract because everyone has different tastes so you might not like a person, but, other persons might like him or her. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be cleaned, styled and good looking. The look is not the same thing as the beautifulness. No one appreciates you because you are beautiful, because that doesn’t mean much, but a good look does. If you are good looking people might think that you are also refined and you have better tastes than other people. Your look can tell many things about the person you are so you must take care of it.
But, as I said earlier, the details are very important too. Let me ask you a question. Do you pay attention to the smallest details… like your nails? Yes, the nails are one of the smallest and the most important details at the same time.
Few years ago, it happened to me that my nails suddenly started to get a yellowish color that was not so good looking and after a while they started to be very painful. I didn’t pay much attention at first but, with the time, the pain was bigger and bigger and my nails were looking worse and worse. They even started to break and peel.
I didn’t know what to do but it was a really big problem. After a few researches I found out that I had nail fungus, which can be a really tough problem that might make your nails even fall if you don’t treat it in time. After I found out that, I started to search for a treatment and I found the website ZetaClear is a homeopathic treatment that helps you get rid of the nail fungus in a very small amount of time. It is made from two different “solutions”. The first one is a homeopathic spray that must be sprayed under your tongue. It delivers special substances that are made to fight the nail fungus through your blood. The second one is a cream that must be applied directly on the nail. This one strengthens and rejuvenates the nail and the skin around it, so the fungus would be easier to destroy.
I really recommend ZetaClear, because it worked very fast in my case and it didn’t give me any bad side effects. You will be satisfied, I have no doubt about that!