Marketing strategies for game developers – Interview with David Azzato

It was not easy to obtain this interview, but we eventually succeeded to schedule an appointment with David Azzato. Marketing strategies are significant when promoting a business, this is why we wanted to interview the best and get some answers that will help game developers to improve their profit. Here is your guide with marketing strategies that you should invest in.

Learn from David Azzato

One of the first recommendations is to have a good design sense or at least surround yourself with professionals who possess these skills. David Azzato told us that imagery is important and a determinant factor for more than 90% of the potential customers. The logo is what defines you, so make sure it will be something that your gamers will remember. Use a color scheme that characterizes the type of games you develop and ensure it will be both appealing to the eye and professional, to inspire confidence.

Do not neglect the power of social media. It is the perfect environment to promote your game development business effortlessly and without having to break the bank. Get accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube channel and other free platforms and promote your work with videos and posts that will be updated regularly. Keep your clients close and try your best to turn them into loyal customers.

Engage your audience when you have a new game. Offer them news and teasers, show them some of its features and keep the best for your special customers. Be active every day, add posts as often as possible and your audience will always crave for more content from you. Make a viral video and people from all over the world will hear about your game.

Useful marketing strategies

Reach out to the press and pay some ads if you want to make your business even more visible. Invest in retargeting and go hunt some new clients if you want your business to grow and increase your revenues. When you are close to launch a new game, send it to a few reviewers or journalists who love playing this sort of games and your way to success will become even smoother.

Another advice from David Azzato implies being persistent and not giving up when you are not as popular as you initially aimed. Polish your game and improve the design if you can come up with brighter ideas. Ask the best from your experts and ensure a great working environment among your team. Never be afraid to ask an objective opinion and take a look at your competition to learn how to become better than them.

A flawless design, good mobile promotion and your professionalism might not be enough to ensure the success of your marketing strategy. Some promoting methods take time, you just cannot expect to sell overnight to millions of gamers. But if you are diligent and you follow your dream, you will eventually reach to a vast audience. Keep working hard and the results of your marketing plan will not disappoint you!